Danny Luan receives the 2019 ASH HONORS award 


Asaf Zviran receives the 2018 NYGC Innovation Award for his liquid biopsy work


Nathan Omans Selected as a NYSTEM Stem Cell Biology Scholar


Dan Landau receives the 2018 SU2C Phillip A. Sharp Innovation in Collaboration Award together with Raul Rabadan (CU) 


Dan Landau receives the 2017 American Society of Hematology Joanne Levy, MD, Memorial Award for Outstanding Achievement 


Franco Izzo awarded the American Society of Hematology Outstanding Achievement Abstract Award for submitting the top-scoring abstract of the 2017 annual meeting


Dan Landau selected for HemOnc Today’s Next Gen Innovators 


Columbia University Physical Sciences in Oncology Center pilot grant awarded in collaboration with the Rabadan lab (CU) for novel multi-omics single cell technology development


The Landau Lab receives a 948K$ award from the STARR Cancer Consortium together with the Meissner Lab at the Broad Institute


This award will fund the development of novel epigenetic single-cell and editing technology

The Landau lab receives prestigious Broad Next 10 Catalytic Steps funding


The Broad Institute will provide 500,000$ in funding over the next year to develop "Modeling Cancer Diversity and Evolution for Precision Combination Cancer Therapeutics". This ambitious project will be carried out jointly with Cory Johannessen at the Broad Institute, to identify novel ways to overcome lung cancer evolution and resistance to therapy. 

The Landau Lab receives an Innovative Research Grant from the Stand Up To Cancer foundation.


This award will fund a project titled: "Algorithmically-driven Quantitative Combination Cancer Therapy Engineering."


Dan Landau receives the 2016 Kimmel Scholar Award by the Sydney Kimmel Foundation.


The Kimmel Scholar award will fund a project titled: "Knowledge infrastructure for data-driven combination leukemia therapy engineering." 


Our study "Clonal evolution in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia developing resistance to BTK inhibition" was accepted for publication in Nature Communications


Dan Landau receives the 2016 Young Physician-Scientist Award by the American Society of Clinical Investigation


To be presented in April at the AAP-ASPA-ASCI joint annual meeting in Chicago. 



The Landau Lab receives the Leukemia Lymphoma Society Translational Research Program Award. 


This award will fund the development of dynamic therapeutic optimization based on liquid biopsy technology

The Landau Lab receives a 200K$ award from the Meyer Cancer Center Liquid Biopsy Initiative


This award will fund the development of new liquid biopsy technology for early cancer detection

Quantitative Clonal Dynamics Define Mechanisms of CLL Evolution in Response to Combination Chemotherapy – selected for Best of ASH


Dense temporal sampling of leukemia samples from patients treated with chemoimmunotherapy enabled the study of evolutionary kinetics directly in patients. These data describe innovative methodologies to measure clone-specific growth rates with differing therapeutic contexts. The project lays the foundations for algorithmycally-driven therapy based on real-time monitoring of clonal growth. The results were presented at the annual meeting of the American Society of Hematology (ASH) and selected for the Best of ASH presentation.