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We are committed to discovering fundamental principles in evolutionary biology and biological regulation of mammalian cells. We study primarily human cancer which constitutes a unique phenomenon in evolutionary biology – ‘reverse engineering’ whereby cells rescind the multicellular contract, and evolve to more closely resemble unicellular organisms.


Importantly, the evolutionary plasticity of cancer imposes significant limitations on the potential of cancer therapies.  Our goal is to chart a roadmap of the basic dimensions that determine the course of cancer evolution, in order to devise therapies that directly anticipate and address tumor evolution.


Landau lab 2021!


The year(s) of the mask


Landau lab 2019!

The team at WCM location. From the left: Franco Izzo (post doc), Asaf Poran (PBSB graduate student), Robbie Williams (MD/PhD student), Nathan Omans (lab manager), Betsy Levine (Cornell undergraduate student), Dan Landau (PI), Nir Ben Chetrit (post doc).

Clonal Evolution talk at the American Society of Hematology Plenary Scientific Session

The team at the NYGC location. From the left: Jamal Elkhader (rotation CBM student), Nir Ben Chetrit (post doc), Nathan Omans (lab manager), Franco Izzo (post doc), Ronan Chaligne (post doc), Dan Landau (PI), Asaf Zviran (post doc), Asaf Poran (PBSB graduate student), Steven Hill (Computer Science), Gabriele Campanella (PBSB graduate student). 

With Marcin Imielinski, close collaborator and Assistant Professor WCM/ Core Member NYGC. 

Steven Hill doing Data Science at the NYGC (with pen and paper!)

Droplet sequencing setups allows for high throughput single cell sequencing of thousands of cells

Hanging out at the outdoor seating area on the NYGC roof in Soho. 

Lab party on Roosevelt Island

iwCLL 2017 in New York City

Dr. Izzo is a leader not only in single-cell data analysis, but also Argentinian grilling (Lab picnic, 2017) 

Dr. Zviran and the liquid biopsy team (Rafi, Sunil) master the art of Molkky (Lab picnic, 2017)


NYGC Holiday party, 2018, where Dr. Zviran received the 2018 NYGC Innovation Award!

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